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  • 28.99$

    The shorter version of our popular lounging pants, BOE346. Just the right green and white Irish plaid with an IRL patch of the Irish flag colors, orange, green and white. Made of soft, comfortable cotton which is not a thin, see everything material, but full of body and thickness without making them too warm for every season.  Adult sized and unisex. Generously sized.

  • 17.99$

    An adorable cap for a wee one infant.  A little Irish Sheep face with an embroidered shamrock on each ear.  All nice and cozy with ear coverings and comfy knit ties.  Polyester.

  • 164.99$

    The bevelled stained glass window with shamrocks is a decorative window perfect for homes, apartments, and any other residential property. This Irish themed decor features dashes of emerald green and vines winding to create clear stained glass shamrocks. Measuring 16-1/8 Inches tall and 12-1/8 inches wide making it perfect for normal windows. The chain used to hang the panel measures two feet long.


    • Bevelled Stained Glass Panel featuring vines and shamrocks
    • DIMENSIONS: 16-1/8 INCHES (H) X 12-1/8 INCHES (W) X 1/8 in (D). CHAIN = 2ft
  • 52.99$

    How cute is this new addition to our Fairy/Leprechaun garden line?  No Irish Fairy garden is complete with out a Blarney pub. Resin  11 IN X 6.5 IN  X 9 IN.

  • 77.99$

    Looking for a decorative cross for your garden? Why not try this one complete with ornate design work. Made from resin, this cross is designed to look like it sits atop a bed of stones.


    • PART NUMBER: OI632
    • DIMENSIONS: 25 inches Tall X 1-7/8 Inches DEEP (CROSS) X 10-3/4 inches Wide BASS : Length: 12-1/2 inches X 5 Inches Wide
    • Decorative Garden Cross made to look like its chiseled out of stone
    • Intricate trinity knots travel the entirity of the cross
  • 249.99$

    Glass in an arrary of blues, greens, and violets form the images of small shaded pools of water with rocks and logs that take on the colors of nature around it. It might be said these are the reminents of the Irish fairy forts of ancient times. Availabe in 2 sizes: 16 IN  diameter shade and a 12 IN diameter shade.

  • 233.99$

    The OIW033 Fairy Pool Stained Glass Window is a beautiful addition to any house. This round panel measures 17-7/8 Inches in diameter and comes with two feet of chain. Based on the tranquil waters of Ireland, The vibrent purples, and blues are reminiscent of the turquoise waters of ireland where fairies were believed to live. When shining in the sunlight captivates anyone who views it.


    • Round Panel shows a beautiful scene depicting fairies home
    • DIMENSIONS:17-7/8 Inches in diameter. Comes with 2 feet of chain to hang panel
  • 48.99$

    How cute is this guy? A 12 inch Irish Frog welcomes all to your garden.  Resin. 8.25 x 5.75 x 12 inches.

  • 36.99$

    Our durable flag will show that Irish pride on St. Patrick’s Day and all the year through. Flag is made of nylon and enhanced with brass grommets on the side. Comes in two other sizes – 2ft x 3ft (BOE206) and 12 inches x 18 inches (BOE207)

  • 29.99$

    Everyone likes a good irish saying. Placed in the right setting, it can elevate any setting to something extrodinary. The OI524 May The Road Rise Garden Stone is one such item. Made of resin, this product is made to look like stone and featurss an engraved shamrock and Irish Blesing. Place this stepping stone in your garden watch how seemless it belnds with the rest of your flower bed.


    • PART NUMBER: OI524
    • Made Of Resin


    • LENGTH: 14-3/4 INCHES
    • WIDTH: 3-1/2 INCHES
    • HEIGHT: 5-3/4 INCHES
  • 42.99$

    A whimsical light of one of the most recognized symbols of Irish pride – an Irish Flag.  Perfect for your front window to display your Irish pride or as an  Irish Pub decor item. Made of Neon Flex which is not as fragile as traditional neon glass lights yet provide the same effect as traditional neon.  Tabletop. Requires 3AA batteries, not included.  12 inches

  • 119.99$

    Reverse hand painted shamrock lamp 15 IN height. Glass shade.Resin base.

  • 459.99$

    This beautiful stained glass fireplace screen features three bountiful bouquets of shamrocks. Screen, which measures 29 in height by 44 in width, is for decorative use only and should not be used in front of a fire.

  • 24.99$

    A neon light shaped into one of Ireland’s most recognized symbols, a shamrock.  Perfect for your home’s front window or to decorate your Irish Pub. Made of Neon Flex which is less fragile than traditional neon glass lights while providing the same lighting effects.  Requires 3AA batteries, not included.  12 inches.