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    The bevelled stained glass window with shamrocks is a decorative window perfect for homes, apartments, and any other residential property. This Irish themed decor features dashes of emerald green and vines winding to create clear stained glass shamrocks. Measuring 16-1/8 Inches tall and 12-1/8 inches wide making it perfect for normal windows. The chain used to hang the panel measures two feet long.


    • Bevelled Stained Glass Panel featuring vines and shamrocks
    • DIMENSIONS: 16-1/8 INCHES (H) X 12-1/8 INCHES (W) X 1/8 in (D). CHAIN = 2ft
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    Natural polished Agate slices intermixed with stones and in colors of Rust, Amber and Orange and are placed in what looks like and irregular pattern all to remind us of the Rock of Cashel and its 12th and 13th century display of Celtic Art and midival architecture still remaining today in Cashel, CO Tipperary. Bevelled and textured clear glass form the background.  12 IN X 18 IN

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    The Celtic Beveled Window With Diamond Shaped Trinity Knot is a stained glass panel that brightens any room that it’s hung in.
    Square in shape, the panel measures 14-3/8 Inches wide and tall. The panel features beautiful colors including blue and green
    borders and sunburnt orange surrounding the diamond (clear) trinity knot in the center.


    • Square Panel With colors and diamond (clear) trinity knot at the center
    • DIMENSIONS: 14-3/8 In (W) X 14-3/8 In (H) X 1/8 In (D)
    • Built in chain makes installation easy
    • Vibrant colors really shine in sunlight
    • Makes the perfect gift for friends and family
    • Add character to any room with the addition of this panel
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    The Celtic Pathways Stained Glass Window Panel makes the perfect addition to any home, or a gift for a friend. The round panel measures 16 inches in diameter and comes with a hanging chain preinstalled to make hanging the panel easy. Featuring vibrant shades of blue and sunburnt orange, the Celtic Pathways stained glass panel looks amazing when the sunlight hits it.


    • Round Stained glass panel
    • Dimensions: 16 Inches in Diameter
    • Pre-installed hanging chain for easy installation
    • Makes a great addition to any home
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    This multicolored stained glass fireplace screen, with its detailed Celtic design work, is nothing short of stunning. Screen, which measures 29.5� in height by 44� in width, is for decorative use only and should not be used in front of a fire.

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    Beautiful Celtic Stained Glass Window Panel featuring elegant emeralad trinity knots on the edge and an intricate diamond trinity knot in the middle.


    • Stained Glass Panel featuing beautiful
    • Matches the Celtic Stained Glass Fireplace Cover
    • Comes with pre-installed hanging chain for ease of installation
    • Add elegance to any room with this timeless celtic decor
    • DIMENSIONS: 22.5 Inches Wide by 11.5 Inches tall
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    A Celtic Stained Glass Tiffany-styled window. Blues and greens enhance the intricate knot work. A star is delicately engraved in the center beveled glass. 18 inches round

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    Celtic sun beveled window. 12 inches.

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    Celtic View window. Beautiful watermarked glass behind a clear beveled glass Trinity Knot makes a stunning statement. 11.5 IN x 14 IN. Glass.

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    Beauftiul circular stained glass panel. The focal poiont of this panel is the tiffany style and intricate trinity knot featured in the middle. Hanging this panel is a breeze, simply hang a hook and use the pre-attached chain to hang the panel!


    • Circular Stained Glass Panel featuring an intricate celtic knot of gorgeous turqoise and blue
    • Dimensions: 17-7/8 IN DIAMETER X 2 feet of hanging chain
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    Claddagh stained glass window 12 inch round.

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    The OIW033 Fairy Pool Stained Glass Window is a beautiful addition to any house. This round panel measures 17-7/8 Inches in diameter and comes with two feet of chain. Based on the tranquil waters of Ireland, The vibrent purples, and blues are reminiscent of the turquoise waters of ireland where fairies were believed to live. When shining in the sunlight captivates anyone who views it.


    • Round Panel shows a beautiful scene depicting fairies home
    • DIMENSIONS:17-7/8 Inches in diameter. Comes with 2 feet of chain to hang panel
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    My Irish Rose was never more beautifully depicted than in this window. Varying colors of pink and maroon form a wreath of roses around a center shamrock of bevelled glass. A Diamond shaped window with sculptured sides creates more interest.16 IN L X 16 IN W X 1/8 IN D.

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    A green Celtic knot is surrounded by Celtic designs comprised of interwoven strands of multiple colors. Stained glass window measures 16� by 16�.

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    The OIW006 Round Tiffany Style Celtic Stained Glass Window is the perfect addition to your home. Measuring 18 inches in diameter, this panel features beautiful inlay of green, orange, and red. Add this intricate stained glass panel to your windows and watch the colors pop!


    • Round Stained Glass Panel With green, red, and orange inlay
    • Dimensions: 18 Inches In Diameter
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    This beautiful stained glass fireplace screen features three bountiful bouquets of shamrocks. Screen, which measures 29 in height by 44 in width, is for decorative use only and should not be used in front of a fire.