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Bushwick blue bottle photo booth copper mug marfa craft beer pour-over swag subway tile organic cloud bread.

  • 18.00$

    This is a satin silver sonogram frame with the words, The miracle of life – Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born, I loved you, Before you were here an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of life. Holds 4 inch by 6 inch photo.

  • 169.99$

    Natural polished Agate slices intermixed with stones and in colors of Rust, Amber and Orange and are placed in what looks like and irregular pattern all to remind us of the Rock of Cashel and its 12th and 13th century display of Celtic Art and midival architecture still remaining today in Cashel, CO Tipperary. Bevelled and textured clear glass form the background.  12 IN X 18 IN

  • 163.99$

    My Irish Rose was never more beautifully depicted than in this window. Varying colors of pink and maroon form a wreath of roses around a center shamrock of bevelled glass. A Diamond shaped window with sculptured sides creates more interest.16 IN L X 16 IN W X 1/8 IN D.


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Sarah ConnorWaitress

Pok pok flannel drinking vinegar, succulents lumbersexual XOXO artisan. Succulents tousled drinking vinegar, cardigan.

Calvin ReevesActor

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