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  • 17.99$

    Black cotton apron embroidered with the official Irish Chef stamp – Authentic Irish Cuisine. 30 inches x 26 inches.

  • 4.00$

    Our lace shamrock placemats (BOE200) are woven in white with scalloped edges and feature fanciful dancing shamrock detail. Perfect adornment for any place setting in your home, from a casual breakfast nook to a more formal dinner. 4 PIECES

  • 11.99$

    How cute and useful is this? An 11 inch round basket lined with a removeable washable green and white shamrock picnic-checkered cotton material. Use as a bread basket, candy holder, trinket and what not holder – the list is endless.

  • 83.99$

    This rich, thick, and colorful throw is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Bordered with Celtic knot work, symbolizing the intertwining of two lives, and adorned with a harp, the official emblem of Ireland, An Irish Marriage Blessing is beautifully woven into the throw. Made in the USA. Measures 54 inches by 70 inches. Cotton. An Irish Marriage Blessing – May God be with you and bless you. May you see your children’s children. May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.

  • 3.99$

    Our lovely cotton-poly tablecloth and matching napkins are embellished with a subtle shamrock and ribbon pattern. The true beauty of these items, however, is in the ease of care. Wash, dry and use. No ironing is necessary! Napkins measure 17 IN by 17 IN  and are sold in sets of four.

  • 24.99$

    Green towel, pot holder and oven mitt set are embroidered with a cluster of three white shamrocks to make this a crisp gift set for a hostess, new homeowner, or newlywed. Oven mitt is quilted, towel and pot holder are woven in thick, quality cotton.

  • 19.99$

    Shamrock picnic-checkered napkins 4 pc set.  This is for one 4 piece set of napkins.  Unfortunately we are out of stock of the placemats pictured with the napkins. We have many other items that match this item – tablecloth-OI622, Potholder-OI623, Ovenmitt-OI624, Apron-OI627, Tea towel-OI629, Tea cozy-OI631, Picnic tote-OI630.

  • 8.99$

    Shamrock picnic-checkered ovenmitt.  This item is the shamrock checkered ovenmitt only.  You can make it a set by also purchasing BOE623, Shamrock checkered potholder.  Other items made out of this same fabric include  – tablecloth-OI622, Potholder-OI623, Napkins-OI626, Apron-OI627, Tea towel-OI629, Tea cozy-OI631, Picnic tote-OI630.

  • 17.99$

    Shamrock picnic checkered apron with pocket. This is for the purchase of the shamrock apron.  Many other items made with the same fabric are available – tablecloth-OI622, Potholder-OI623, Ovenmitt-OI624, Napkins-OI626, Tea towel-OI629, Tea cozy-OI631, Picnic tote-OI630.

  • 6.99$

    Placemats are such a warm touch to your table setting. You will love the versatility of these Irish tapestry placemats.  They are reversible.  One side is a tapestry with a center panel of scattered shamrocks and vines, framed with several different patterned materials of tweed and stripes. While all the materials are different, it all comes together to make an exciting yet elegant addition to your table.  The other side is a solid tweed-like tapestry – it is one of the patterns used on the other side of the placemat. 13 inches x 19 inches.  They can be purchased in individually with a requirement of a minimum purchase of 4 placemats.  Don’t forget the matching table runner – OI698

  • 15.99$

    This tapestry table runner is a nice touch  for your table and enhances your centerpiece or maybe replaces your centerpiece.  It is reversible with one side being a solid dark green tweed-like patterned material.  The other side is a square tapestry of vines of shamrocks framed by various patches of different patterns of material – stripes and tweed-like patterns with varying degrees light and dark.  The matching placemats, BOE698, complete the picture.  It is 72 inches long.  Add the placemats for a complete set – OI697.

  • 39.99$

    Shamrock picnic-checkered tablecloth.  Such a fun and cute pattern. We have many other items that compliment and have the same fabric as this item – Napkins-OI626, Potholder-OI623, Ovenmitt-OI624, Apron-OI627, Tea towel-OI629, Tea cozy-OI631, Picnic tote-OI630.

  • 15.99$

    A shamrock teapot cozy. Keep your favorite Irish tea warm while entertaining or relaxing in your favorite chair. Done in a traditional checkered “picnic” pattern with shamocks. 12.5 IN x 9.5 IN. Cotton. We have several other items in this line that compliment this cozy – tablecloth-OI622, Potholder-OI623, Ovenmitt-OI624, Apron-OI627, Tea towel-OI629, napkins-OI626, Picnic tote-OI630.