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  • 42.99$

    Add some protection to your garden with the OI554 Angel Presenting Shamrocks garden statue. Made of cement and adorned with emerald gems, this glittering statue shines brilliantly when caught in the sun. This statue stands 14-3/4 Inches tall, making it just tall enough to stand above your potted plants or flowers.


    • PART NUMBER: OI554
    • Angel with Bouquet of shamrocks
    • Made of Cement
    • Adorned with Gems
    • Perfect for any garden
    • DIMENSIONS: 6.5 IN L X 3.75 IN W X 14.25 IN H
  • 79.99$

    This Angel plays her harp making sounds of chimes as the wind blows around her. Angel with harp windchime for the garden. 19 x 12.5 inches. Resin.

  • 115.00$

    Aran Sweater Planter. 7.8 x 7 x 7 in. Inside pot 4 in. deep x 5.5 in diameter. Resin. How classic can this Irish Planter be, shaped like an Aran sweater. The detail in the Aran pattern adds to the authenticity.

  • 3.99$

    Trinity magnet for your car or refrigerator. Bright green and gold are offset beautifully with the black background. Minimum purchase of 6 pieces.

  • 52.99$

    How cute is this new addition to our Fairy/Leprechaun garden line?  No Irish Fairy garden is complete with out a Blarney pub. Resin  11 IN X 6.5 IN  X 9 IN.

  • 132.25$

    Blessings Angel Planter. 11.8 x 9.25 x 12.6 in. Inside pot 3.25 in. deep x 4.25 in diameter. Resin. A beautiful Celtic Knot adorns the front of this Angel’s planter and displays the word BLESSINGS to all.

  • 46.99$

    Spruce up your garden with this Bunny Flower Pot. Made out of resin, this flower pot is designed to look like two bunnies are snuggled up right beside the pot. An embossed shamrock motif wraps around the planter


    • PART NUMBER: OI9086
    • DIMENSIONS: Pot: 10 In Tall X 1 foot Wide planter: 6.25 Wide X 5 Deep
    • Made of Resin
    • Motif shamrock wraps around planter
  • 77.99$

    Looking for a decorative cross for your garden? Why not try this one complete with ornate design work. Made from resin, this cross is designed to look like it sits atop a bed of stones.


    • PART NUMBER: OI632
    • DIMENSIONS: 25 inches Tall X 1-7/8 Inches DEEP (CROSS) X 10-3/4 inches Wide BASS : Length: 12-1/2 inches X 5 Inches Wide
    • Decorative Garden Cross made to look like its chiseled out of stone
    • Intricate trinity knots travel the entirity of the cross
  • 51.99$

    These resin planters are beautifully detailed with Celtic knot work. Sold as a set of two. Large planter measures 9 IN H x 6.5 IN diameter.

  • 74.99$

    Cherished shamrock garden statue. A beautiful and tasteful way to remember your Irish heritage. indoors or in your garden, an intricate Celtic weave or knot adds so much to this statue’s design. 18 inches x 14.5 inches. Resin.

  • 24.99$

    An adorable garden, porch, table decoration – here you have the Chief Leprechaun overseeing the mushroom patch. He is smiling and welcomes all friends to the patch but he is all business in keeping the patch in order.  Resin. 6 x 4.25 x 10.25 inches.

  • 22.99$

    A sparkling garden stone imprinted with, When I Count My Blessings I Count You Twice. Sparkle molded into the wings. 9.75 inches. Made of cement.

  • 78.99$

    Update your garden today with the OI298 Digging for Gold Solar Leprechaun. This decorative statue is made from resin and designed to look like it was carved from wood. This guy can dig for gold in any flower bed or on any porch. The Solar battery included. Additional battery (not included) to make light spin.

    • PART NUMBER: OI298
    • Decorative garden Statue
    • Made From Resin
    • DIMENSIONS: 9.5 IN x 8 IN x 20.5 IN
  • 36.99$

    Building fairy homes is a tradition tthat goes back to 1893. Houses used to be made using stones, branches, twigs, and other materials that could be found on hand. Fortunately online-irish has made them for you! This fairy and leprechaun house is designed to look like a tree. Cast out of resin, and hand painted. This high quality fairy home features vibrant colors and a front door that opens.


    • PART NUMBER: OI265
    • DIMENSIONS: 12.5 Inches tall x 8.5 Inches round
    • Made of resin
    • Fully functional front door
    • Made to look like a tree
  • 36.99$

    Fairy houses have come in all shapes an sizes over the years. This particular house is made of resin and is in the shape of a sunflower. The hand painted house has vibrant colors and measures 9-1/2 inches tall by 9 inches wide. The front door is fully functional which allows for items to be placed inside.


    • PART NUMBER: OI263
    • DIMENSIONS: 9 inches wide X 9.5 Inches tall
    • Made of resin
    • Shaped like a sun flower
    • fully functional front door
  • 44.99$

    Every garden needs this leprechaun with his flower cart.  The center of the bright pink flowers in the cart light up and are powered by solar light. Shamrocks adorning the cart  and on the leprechaun’s hat add a certifiable touch of Irish. Resin. 7.25 x 5.5 x 10.8 inches.